About me

Lennart Cromberge (1981)
As a little boy of 10 years old I already went with my father to archives to find out our own family tree. Various visits followed in the Netherlands, Belgium and northern France. This passion changed fairly quickly from hobby to profession. I worked for many years at the Central Bureau for Genealogy in the Research & Information department (located in the National Archives building), followed a course at the archive school and then worked at various government institutions in the field of documentary information provision. The archives and old manuscripts are therefore not unknown to me.








How would I describe myself

I am customer-oriented, have an eye for detail and find it a great challenge every time to get started with the data, family photos and input from my customers and to achieve the best end result. My motivation is to deliver the research correctly and verified on the basis of reliable information from official heritage institutions. My motto is: “Family tree research must be accurate on all facts! Always go back to the source”.

Research areas
The genealogical research area consists of the Netherlands, our neighboring countries, our former overseas colonies of the Dutch East Indies and Suriname and the emigration countries of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the United States.

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