Discover your Dutch ancestry
Would you like to know where you come from and what your Dutch ancestors did for their lives?
I am specialized in genealogical research and publication of your family tree as a digital report, hardcover book or a framed gift.

Family trees
How it works: You provide personal data and your family tree is researched, elaborated and delivered with separate source documents as evidence. If desired, your most beautiful family photos with a suitable caption can be added to the publication to give it an even more personal touch. For example, consider the family or wedding photo of your (grand)children, yourself, your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and/or great-great-grandparents. You may also provide a short, concise anecdote about them, which I will copy verbatim in the publication. More information can be found via the impressions below, the family trees page and the step-by-step plan.

Hardcover book (burgundy cover Hardcover book (blue cover) Hardcover book (black cover)
A single patrilinear line of descent,
from father to father.
An extensive patrilinear line of descent, from father to father, including all children and spouses.
Pedigree chart showing all male and female ancestors of a person.
Page showing an old occupation Page showing a postcard Page showing a family photo
National distribution map Provincial distribution map Local distribution map

Page showing an old deed column chart showing occupations Record copies
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